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A Flowers of the Field Mystery

By Jeanette F. Chaplin

Cover design: Claudia Gathercole



Cover photography: Claudia Gathercole

and Caleb Kramer


Soft Cover, 400 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Perfect Bound








Sunflower Dungeon

A Flowers of the Field Mystery

At the urging of her estranged mother, who is a renowned journalist, twentysomething Torrie Madison has agreed to interpret during a trip to France for a photo shoot on the Rhine. Once there, Torrie discovers that her mother is in search of an elusive family inheritance. Unfortunately, other, more ruthless heirs, are also after the fortune, and even Torrie’s resourcefulness may not be enough to  stop them.

Will Torrie unlock the secrets of the mysterious Sunflower Castle before she experiences the horrors of its dungeon . . . ?

The Plot:

Torrie Madison, aspiring journalist and unwilling sleuth, accompanies her mother to Europe to help her with a feature story on Rhine River castles. To Torrie’s dismay, she discovers her mother is seeking a family fortune and they become the target of menacing rival heirs who have already murdered in an attempt to claim the inheritance for themselves.


The Story Behind the Story:

This is a story that captivated me over 50 years ago when I first heard the Burgett family lore:

There were three brothers in France. One earned a vast fortune, but the other two wouldn’t have anything to do with it because of the way it was earned . . . Period. End of story. Speculation has run the gamut from piracy to slave trading to common thievery, but no one in the family could provide any concrete details. My burning desire since childhood was to one day travel to Europe and get the story. Not the fortune—I have too many cousins to share it with—I wanted the story!

Since Burgett/Borghart genealogical charts end in Holland in the 1600s, I turned my imagination loose. Deciding that religious persecution would have been a sufficient motivator to cause families to abandon homes and kindred at that time, I pursued that theme in my research and plotting.

Due to its similarity to the Burgett name, I arbitrarily chose Lake Bourget in eastern France as the setting for Torrie’s newest adventure. The region yielded more than I ever anticipated for the historical backstory and Torrie’s quest for her family inheritance: the Waldenses—precursors of the Reformation; the Shroud of Turin; l’Abbaye Hautecombe, centuries-old burial place of the Dukes of Savoy; and a museum with medieval murals salvaged from a nearby château.

About the Author

Jeanette F. Chaplin


Jeanette F. Chaplin is an Iowa native living in Arizona, where she teaches college composition courses and works with aspiring authors, providing one-on-one assistance and workshops. She served for two years as president of the West Valley Authors Association. Chaplin earned a degree in composition at Texas A&M-Commerce, and studied novel writing at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. She is fluent in Spanish and travel-ready in French.


She enjoys travel, outdoor activity, and visiting with her grown daughters, Rachelle and Andrea, and their spouses.


In this novel, Chaplin traces her Burgett ancestors to France, imbuing them with the ingenuity and courage needed to survive an unstable medieval Europe.

Second in the

Flowers of the Field

Mystery Series 

You may have followed Torrie Madison as she came face to face with the villains who tampered with the Fireweed plant on Mount St. Helens, creating havoc and destruction. Now join Torrie and her estranged mother as they encounter ruthless heirs competing for an inheritance in France.

Fireweed Glow

the first Mystery in this series by author, Jeanette F. Chaplin.

Bluebonnet Meltdown,

the third Mystery in this series by author, Jeanette F. Chaplin.



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