Their Abuse in the World

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Their Abuse in the World


By Mini Sarla

Soft Cover, 264 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Perfect Bound


Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to charity.




Power & Privilege




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Their Abuse in the World


“At long last a book that touches upon every aspect of life and the pervasive abuses of power and privilege in the world. Mini Sarla manages to reveal not only the subtle abuses that lurk in our midst, but also the overt, in a refreshingly enlightened and non-confrontational way that appeals to the higher conscience of the reader. It should be read both by the victims of abuse as well as the perpetrators.


“The book starts by highlighting how the human race is tilting the balance of survival in its favor to such an extreme, and how modern society seems to have lost sight of compassion, all in the name of modernization and progress.


“Mini then leads the reader literally from womb to tomb and beyond, to highlight where and how abuses of power and privilege occur, and the adverse effects they have on the psyche of society. She engages the reader by constantly raising questions that hopefully will result in the inner awakening that is woefully needed in our troubled times.” 

 Zerbanoo Gifford


● International Woman of the Year2006

● A former director of Anti-Slavery International

● Author, human rights campaigner, and founder of the ASHA Foundation and Centre

● Pioneer for Asian women in British politics; she chaired the Commission, Looking into ethnic minority involvement in British Life and was a member of the advisory group to the British Home Secretary


About the Author

Mini Sarla

Mini Sarla was born in a family of freedom fighters in India. She grew up in New Delhi and immigrated to the U.S. as a young adult. A naturalized U.S. citizen, she has been an academician for over twenty years.

What they are saying about Power & Privilege


“A fantastic piece of work. [The book] has an international appeal and should be read by all at the United Nations. It should also be a necessary textbook at all teaching institutions….”

– Kusoom Vadgama,

Author, London, UK


“Much of Human history is about inequality through the abuse of Power and Privilege. The abuses covered in one book makes them even more shameful and shocking to any self-reflective person.

 – Nilima Bhat,

 Founder of “Sampurnah:

The Wholeness Practice” Bangalore, India


The author takes us through a cross-section of the entire breadth of modern human endeavor, from organized religion to organized crime, and she peppers the text with pearls of wisdom, sage quotes gleaned from a wide variety of sources. Her analysis is deep and biting.

 - Michael A. Bruno, M.D.

Professor of Radiology & Medicine,

Penn State University


The book exposes the dark side of power and privilege. It is timely and purposeful. A victim, who continues to believe in false promises and unfair practices, is as much to be blamed for the problems in society as the perpetrator.

- Arvind Khetia

Retired Engineer and Faith Columnist, Kansas City Star.


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