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Books by Kas Winters

Mother Lode

Get That Book out of Your Head and into Print

Nativity Activities

Fall Fun for Families

A Teacher's Guide to Autumn Activities

Your Wedding Your Way

Winter Fun for Families

Fall and Halloween Activity Book for Families

The Little Book of Knots (Illustrator)

Tryin' Ryan (Illustrator)

Erika's Angels


  All Twelve of Them (Illustrator)

  Missing Genetic Pieces (Illustrator)

Needleweaving (Illustrator)

  Gertie's Christmas Magic (Illustrator)

The Teddy Bear Lady and the Five Christmas Teddy Bears (Illustrator)

Cinnamon the Sea Horse (Illustrator)

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Plant beans so they grow along strings to form a tent and then play in the bean tent. Snacking is permitted.

Use paper plates to make puppets, masks, flying machines, coupon holders, party hats and holiday decorations.

Play with a large paint brush and water in a bucket. Paint the sidewalk or the side of the house with water. Keep cool. (Always supervise water play.)

Make a construction set using toothpicks and assorted shapes, sizes and colors or gumdrops.

Make a boat from aluminum foil and see how many pennies it will hold without sinking.


Put the FUN in Parenting!

Strike GOLD with

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy


 5,000+ Ideas for Toddlers through Teens

Written and Illustrated

by Kas Winters

"The Mother of Family Ideas"TM


Foreword by 

Sally D. Ketchum

Super Student/Happy Kid


220 pages, 11" x 8 1/2", Perfect Bound

ISBN# 1-892225-06-9

Usually shipped within 48 hours



and worth its weight in GOLD!



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It is designed for:  Parents and Families  of Every Description  - Grandparents - Teachers - Child Care Providers - Homeschoolers - Youth Leaders - Mentors - Family Counselors - Social Service Workers - Pediatric Service Providers


Mother Lode contains safety information for each activity area.

Watch a child beam with pride when they discover that they can walk on tin can stilts.

Mother Lode is EASY TO USE! 

Activities are arranged by category, including: Active Fun, The Arts, Science, Learning, Life Skills and Imagining with a special BONUS Section including holidays and special events. Pages list activities from "Babies and Toddlers" through "High School" with age-appropriate activities for each group. There is a learning curve that goes across each page. For example, young children begin by playing with toy cars and develop skills so that by the time they are in their teens, they are able to change oil or fix a flat tire on a car. This book includes options and ideas for adapting fun to fit various situations.


Highlights from the TABLE OF CONTENTS


Playing Ball -- Rolling, Tossing, Catching, Hitting, Sports, Other Games

Moving -- Walking, Hiking, Running, Racing, Skipping, Marching, Exercising, Climbing, Jumping, Finger Games

Playing with Water -- In a Pool, In a Tub, At the Beach, Getting All Wet, Making Bubbles, Boats

Going on Wheels -- Skating, Riding Bikes and Trikes, Playing with Wagons, Cars and Other Vehicles


Artwork -- Drawing and Painting, Playing with Paper, Playing with Paper Mache, Playing with Cardboard Boxes, Sheets and Tubes, Sculpting

Crafts -- Making Scrap Crafts, Sampling Crafts (Leather, Tile Craft, Candle-making, Lacing, Macrame, Basket Making, Decoupage, Pom Poms, Craft Foam, Button Crafts, Styrofoam Crafts, Stained Glass), Making Jewelry, Crafting in the Kitchen, Working with Wood

Music -- Listening to Music, Playing Instruments, Singing, Dancing

Fabric Crafts -- Sewing, Stitching, Weaving, Working with Fabric, Printmaking, Crafting with Yarn

Theater -- Playing with Puppets, Making Costumes, Performing, Staging

Photography -- Using a Camera, Exploring Photographic Techniques, Displaying Your Pictures


Biology -- Discovering Plants, Discovering Animals

Earth & Cosmos -- Discovering Weather, Seasonal Activities, Discovering Rocks & Geology, Discovering Fossils, Dinosaurs and Ancient Civilizations, Exploring the Stars & the Cosmos, Exploring Ecology, Exploring Geography & Travel, Exploring Maps, Discovering Cultures

Physical Sciences -- Exploring Chemistry, Exploring Mechanical Things, Discovering Magnets, Exploring Light & Sound, Discovering Numbers & Mathematics

Engineering -- Constructing Buildings, Designing & Inventing, Discovering Things that Fly, Discovering Technology & Communications


Reading & Writing -- Reading & Discovering Literature, Writing Stories, Poems & Plays, Writing Letters, Articles, Journals & Other Useful Things, Publishing Your Work

History -- Exploring the Past, Recreating the Past, Discovering Family History

Puzzles -- Playing with Puzzles, Solving Mental Puzzles

Games -- Board Games, Card Games, Table Games, Playing Indoor Games, Playing Outdoor Games

Toys -- Playing with Toys, Playing with Dolls, Playing with Miniatures

Collections -- Collecting Things, Displaying Collections,

Camping - Setting up Camp, Cooking Outdoors, Learning Outdoor Skills, Camping Notes


Cooking & Baking -- Cooking Meals & Snacks, Preparing Desserts, Celebrating with Food, Planning & Shopping

Cleaning & Repair -- Cleaning the House, Caring for Clothing, Working Outdoors, Making Repairs

Decorating - Designing a Room, Creating a Look

Personal Finances - Managing Money, Budgeting & Purchasing, Going into Business

Health & Safety -- Practicing First Aid, Staying Healthy

Volunteering -- Sharing Time, Sharing Talent, Sharing Treasure, Joining Volunteer Organizations

Planning -- Setting Goals, Planning Events, Scheduling Priorities, Organizing Things


Family Play -- Playing House, School, Store, Celebrations

Story Play -- Playing Nursery Rhymes, Children's Stories, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Myths, Fables, Legends, Historical Times, Comic and Cartoons Characters, Military Heroes

Career Play -- Playing Entrepreneur, Service Provider, Medical Professional, Food Service Provider, Adventurer, Vehicle Operator, Contractor, Entertainer, Scientist, Artist, Writer, Photographer, Athlete, Fashion Designer


Family Holidays

Family Occasions & Celebrations

Family Places to Go

Find OVER 5,000 Ideas for Children in ONE Book!!

If you use just one idea per day it will take you almost 15 years to use them ALL!

Are you are a busy parent? Would you like ideas to keep your kids busy, help them learn and develop into successful and happy adults? Here are over 5,000 solutions for you!

Thousands of easy activities in Mother Lode will keep you well supplied as your child grows from toddler through teen. (If you use just one a day, there are enough ideas to get you through almost 15 years!) Choose those that work best for your family and use them over and over, focusing on special interests as each child grows and develops.


Discover ideas that are simple; ones that won't add stress on days when you are tired already.  Activities are designed to fit into hectic schedules of parents who need to make the most of the time they have with their child or children. You might even find yourself getting the giggles!

Help your child develop Self-Reliance and build skills that will carry through a lifetime. Build Self-Esteem by helping a child accomplish one simple skill after another and experience a series of successes. Even small achievements inspire Self-Confidence. When a child feels good about himself or herself it is easier to make positive choices in life.

Enjoy family fun that is affordable. Use materials that are free or inexpensive and readily available. Ideas often use recycled items such as empty boxes, cardboard tubes and similar materials.

Cherish watching your child light up with delight as they "get it" and show understanding. Jumpstart your child's imagination by creating an atmosphere that fosters the development of  imagination. Encourage them to imagine, envision and create.

Explore science, history, math and more as you find ways to create an atmosphere of discovery that makes learning an adventure. Children can have so much fun with activities, they don't realize they are learning! Find activities that will do just that without wearing you out at the same time.

Make fond memories with your family. Play together. Work together. Learn how to reach out to others and make a difference as a family. Give your children memories that will create a foundation for adult life.

Find out how to use simple activities such as playing games, taking a walk or working a puzzle to build relationships. Open the lines of communication and learn how to keep them open for children of all ages.

Adapt Mother Lode ideas for family Celebrations to create special times for your special family.  


A Nugget from the Mother Lode

This book is a chapter excerpt from Mother Lode which contains only the active fun activities and is less expensive.

About the author


Kas Winters

"Mother of Family Ideas"

Kas Winters has written and illustrated several family books. She lives in her beloved Arizona with her husband, Roger, and a house full of active children. MOTHER LODE, inspired by her international newsletter, "The Troubadour," is the latest addition to her list of accomplishments. Kas mentors scouts, celebrates holidays (which her family calls "Cecil B. de Kas productions") and takes photos non-stop. She sings Broadway tunes, cooks from scratch, and camps in the woods. A graduate of Arizona State University, she insists that writing is like eating and breathing, an essential part of living, and dreams that her work will make a positive difference to families.

What people are saying about Mother Lode:


"ROFL -- I have to share this with you!! I can't remember if I told you that I have a large family and homeschool as well. Additionally, one of our college sons came home this weekend for fall break. I went to look at something in your Mother Lode book and realized that the book has disappeared off my desk. Thinking my 5 or 6 year olds were the culprits, I started there. Indeed, they HAD it -- but said an older (age 10) brother had taken it to look at something for science. I tracked him down and he shared that his 13 year old sibling had taken it from him when he was asking a question. I went to that child and he shared that the 16 year old and college student (age 20) were trying some of the suggestions downstairs!! LOL Sheesh--well at least you know it is getting some use AND I could recommend it for part of an exercise regime!

Missy Jaramillo

Community Manager



"Kas Winters has created the ultimate guide to keeping kids busy with fun, creative and safe activities. Mother Lode should be on the shelf of every parent and grandparent, to be used again and again."

Portia Little

Panntree Press



"This should be a gift to every new parent. It is a phenomenal resource, impeccably organized by age and activity to give parents, teachers, scout leaders and caregivers (for baby through high school) joyful play with a wealth of creative ideas and activities. This is an encyclopedia of fun.

LuAnn Brentlinger

Mother of two children


"Wow!! Oh wow! As a mother of three young children, Mother Lode is exactly what I need."

Debi Collier

Homeschooler and Owner of a home-based business 


"The Mother Lode has something for kids of all ages. Every caregiver I know will enjoy the bountiful ideas."

Kim Bailey

Mother of three


"Mother Lode is loaded! Loaded with thousands of creative and educational ideas to keep any age child busy for hours on end. The format of this new treasure is ingeniously easy to read and opens the door to a lifetime of fun. 

    This book is the perfect gift for young mothers and fathers and will deliver years of creative ideas. It is also perfect for grandparents to help remind them of active ways to play with their grandchildren without using batteries or electricity. Anyone that works, plays or educates children needs this book."

Linda Brittain

Great Brittain Creative Puppetry


Books by Kas Winters


Mother Lode

Nativity Activities

Fall Fun for Families

Autumn Activities

(for teachers and group leaders)

Your Wedding Your Way

Winter Fun for Families

Family Friendly Halloween Fun

The Little Book of Knots (Illustrator)

Tryin' Ryan (Illustrator)

Erika's Angels


All Twelve of Them (Illustrator)

Missing Genetic Pieces (Illustrator)

Needleweaving (Illustrator)

Gertie's Christmas Magic (Illustrator)

The Teddy Bear Lady and the Five Christmas Teddy Bears (Illustrator)

Cinnamon the Sea Horse (Illustrator)

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