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BELOW:  Animal books, health books, counting books, self-esteem, positive affirmations, sibling rivalry and life lessons.

A Lesson in Safety and Friendship

Franny the Fireplug

by Mitch Townley

USD $12.00


Make new friends

Cinnamon the Sea Horse

by Louise Garcia

Illustrated by Kas Winters

Making new friends

USD $10.00


Help children develop

Self-Confidence & Good Health!

What I See, I Can Be

Simple Yoga for Children

by Janet Williams

Book & CD Package

USD $24.99

Help children develop


Tryin' Ryan

by Elissa Thompson

Illustrated by Kas Winters

USD $15.00

Discover parenting pathways that work for your family.

Raising A Happy Spirit

by Julianna Lyddon

USD $8.95

Positive Affirmations and Activities for Children

You Are Wonderful!

You Are Loved

Activities for self-esteem

by Jana Ostrom

USD $7.95


A Chiropractor . . .

What's a Chiropractor?

by Phyllis Karow-Trella

Chiropractic children's story

USD $16.00

Learn to Make Your Own Puppets with Recycled Materials and Easy Patterns



by Linda Brittain

brit_swanimal_book.JPG (47337 bytes)

Plastic Milk Jug Puppet Patterns: Southwest Animals

USD $10.00

britpaperplatebook.JPG (89747 bytes)

Paper Plate Puppet Patterns:  Southwest Animals

USD $10.00

brithugscvr.jpg (117149 bytes)


Half Jugs Puppet/Mask People Patterns

USD $10.00

Paper Plate Puppet Patterns

Rain Forest Animals

USD $10.00



britpopup1.JPG (38543 bytes)

Lin's Pop-up Puppets Vol. 1

USD $10.00

britpopup2.JPG (35464 bytes)

Lin's Pop-Up Puppets

Vol. 2

USD $10.00

Scrap Craft Ideas

Taskets - Task Baskets and Other Plastic Jug Projects

by Linda Brittain

USD $10.00

Books for Greater Cultural Awareness

oldhog2.jpg (5864 bytes)

The Old Hogan

A book about the changing culture of Native Americans

By Margaret Kahn Garaway

USD $10.00


out of print

oldhog3.jpg (6154 bytes)

ASHKII and his Grandfather

ASHKII y el Abuelo

A Spanish/English book about a Navajo boy and his grandfather

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

USD $10.00

Teach numbers in English and Spanish

oldhog5.jpg (9032 bytes)

The Teddy Bear Number Book/Los Numeros Con Los Ositos

Bi-lingual counting book

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

USD $8.00



Will the New Baby be Bigger than Me?

Overcome sibling rivalry

by Arlene Feltenstein, PhD

and Dr. Jody Fallon

(Out of stock)

USD $10.00

Am I Still Special?

Help older siblings accept a new baby

by Arlene Feltenstein, PhD

and Dr. Jody Fallon

USD $10.00

Teach children both understanding and compassion.

The Adventures of Five Brave Teddy Bears

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

Illustrated by Kas Winters

USD $10.00

Teach children both understanding and compassion.

(This is the same story as the book above, with a holiday title.)

The Teddy Bear Lady & The Five Christmas Teddy Bears

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

Illustrated by Kas Winters

USD $10.00

BELOW:  Folktales with messages, legacy, nature, teaching sensitive topics, and skill building

Legends, Folklore, and true facts about Mining, Miners and Pack Rats.

The Legend of Dynamite George

The Mining Pack Rat

by Carroll Bennett

USD $19.95


Folktale Lesson

The Rooster's Feather

by Annie A. Petersen

and JR Kirby

Folktale with a lesson

USD $24.95


Beginning Reading/Rhyming

Silly Ol' Max, the Funny Yorkie-Poo

by Mary Martha Marcotte

Illustrated by Kas Winters

Reading and rhyming

USD $12.00


Teach Environmental Awareness-Science & Nature

For Middle Readers

True Tails

by J.H. Soeder

Did all the animals talk in Eden–

or was it just us?

USD $17.00


dolphi1.gif (31861 bytes)

Dreams of Dolphins Dancing

Beautifully illustrated story to delight children and help the environment

By Joan Bourque

USD $16.00


Kikko's Tracks

Narrated by Kikko the cat

Photos by Carroll Bennett

Fabulous cat pictures

USD $10.00


Gorp books help you and your children deal with sensitive issues!


Empower children to stop the cycle of child abuse.

Gorp's Secret

by Sherri Chessen

USD $15.95

Protect Children from Gun Violence

Gorp's Gift

by Sherri Chessen


USD $15.95

A Book for Peace, not Bullying

Gorp's Dream

A Tale of Diversity, Tolerance, and Love in Pumpernickel Park

By Sherri Chessen

USD $15.95

A collection of Horse Stories for Children

mariah.jpg (215780 bytes)


A story about an orphaned filly named Mariah, for children who love horses

by Montana Grandma,       Arlene Turk

USD $8.00

mariahfriends.jpg (236389 bytes)

Mariah's Friends

A sequel to Mariah, a tale about a horse making friends and feeling accepted

by Montana Grandma,

Arlene Turk

USD $8.00

Littlebitjoe.JPG (242706 bytes)

A Little Bit of Joe

The heartwarming story of an extraordinary horse

by Montana Grandma,

 Arlene Turk

USD $8.00

Give a Child Roots


A family legacy for children and grandchildren

I Want You to Know Me . . .

Love, Mom

USD $14.95

Also: Love, Dad; Mom and Dad; Grandma; Grandpa;


by Vickie Mullins

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Teach a useful skill


The Little Book of KNOTS

by Roger Winters

Illustrated by Kas Winters

USD $10.00

Life Skills for Students, Parents and Teachers, in a very PRACTICAL book

 with  RED HOT TIPS and activities for STUDENT SUCCESS

Super Student/Happy Kid

by Sally D. Ketchum

USD $10.00

Potty Training Skills

Dry All Day Potty Training Book

A patented idea for success

by Elaine D'Ippolito

USD $9.99

Make Learning Fun with Clowning Techniques


A Guide to Clowning

by Jan Samar

USD $6.00

Includes Reading, Thinking, and Writing Activities


The Wall

An Enchanting Story for Children of All Ages

by The Phoenix Writers' Club

USD $10.00

History Comes Alive


For Middle Readers/Teens

oldhog8.jpg (6448 bytes)

Of Hopes & Dreams: A Diary

A story of a young girl who blossoms into a strong women during challenging times.

Written by 13 year old

Courtney Williams

USD $11.00

BELOW:  Activities that teach, stories with life lessons, dealing with tough topics, teaching children to think and analyze

Develop Confidence, Imagination, Abilities and Relationships


Put the FUN in Parenting!

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

Over 5,000 Ideas for Tots through Teens

By Kas Winters 

USD $30.00


A Nugget from the

Mother Lode

by Kas Winters

USD $10.00


TO GRADES 7 - 10

You Are the Teacher Cover

You Teach Math

Grades 7-10 Mathematics

by Barnabas Hughes

USD $18.50

Erika's Angels: The Secret of the Lockett

Written by  9 year old Erika Pogue and her grandmother,  Donna Pogue

USD $10.00

For Middle Readers

Bread Garden

by Sally D. Ketchum

Incorporates higher level thinking skills for middle readers

USD $12.00

Publish Your Book

(Kids love to see their work

in print too!)

Get that Book out of your Head and into Print

by Kas Winters

USD $19.99


Make changes in the "way things are."

Power & Privilege

Their Abuse in the World

by Mini Sarla

USD $14.95

A Story to Help Children Heal from Abuse




by Jean Holtz, R.D., M.S.E.

This author has provided counseling to thousands of teen and adult survivors of sexual abuse.

USD $14.95

Help a Child Learn to Deal with Anger and Frustration

Sad Sam, Glad Sam

An Understanding Emotions Book


USD $16.95

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Kids at Hope: Every Child Can Succeed, No Exceptions

by John P. Carlos and Rick Miller


The Kids at Hope Friends Visit Miss Debbie's Class

by Rick Miller with help from Gabrielle Antonia Heredia

(age 8)


The Kids at Hope Friends Meet the Dream Stealing Villain

by Shillana Sanchez



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