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Celebrate Fall by using Apples

to stamp designs on Fabric or paper




Tools and Materials:

Fabric or paper or other material for your stamping surface

Acrylic paints (choose your colors)

Art gum eraser

Pencil with an eraser

Pen or marker

paint brush or cotton swab

Craft knife (for adults use)

Flat plates for each color of paint (paper or ceramic)

Brayer or roller to smooth the paint

    (optional, the bottom of the bowl of a spoon can also be used)

Needle and thread (optional)

Embroidery hoop (optional)



1)  Set up paper or fabric to be stamped. Cover the table or counter top with newspaper, plastic trash bags or a disposable plastic tablecloth to protect the surface from paint.


2) Prepare your "stamps". Cut an apple in half. It can be in either direction. It makes a great stamp when cut vertically as shown above. When cut horizontally, you get the effect of a star in the center when you stamp. Take an art gum eraser and use a pen or marker to draw a simple leaf shape on one side of the eraser. Use a craft knife to cut around the leaf shape and allow the leaf to be raised while cutting away all of the area around it. Carve in some veins if you like.


3)  Spread one color of paint on a plate and roll it out so that the painted area is large enough to get paint on the apple half. You can spread it out with a roller, brayer or the bottom part of a spoon. Press the cut side of the apple in the paint and then press it onto the fabric, paper or other surface to be decorated.  Repeat with another color, with the leaf shape or a pencil eraser stamp for the seeds. Create your own design with placement, colors and use of different apple pieces, leaves, etc. Allow one color to dry before printing a second color on top of it unless you want the colors to mix.


4)  You can go back with a brush and add stems, seeds or other decorative items, details in the leaves or you can even press actual fall leaves into the paint and make leaf prints along with your apple prints. There is no limit to the imagination on this project.


5) Depending on what item you have printed, you might want to hem the edges of the fabric, bind them with seam binding, or use pinking shears to trim the fabric. If it is on paper, you can add a frame. For the example shown above, we put a layer of quilt batting under our print with a piece of plain fabric under that and held it securely in an embroidery or quilting hoop. Then we used a needle and thread and quilted around our apple shapes. Finally, we sewed binding around the edges and made a potholder.



If you use fabric, you can make placemats, pot holders, or decorate napkins a table runner or a piece of felt to hang as a fall banner. Stamping on paper can make placemats, note cards, stationery, place cards for a special dinner, or simply prints to hang on the wall, bulletin board or refrigerator door as fall decorations.


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Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

by Kas Winters

Over 5,000 ideas for tots through teens

by Kas Winters


USD $30.00


Fall Fun for Families

Includes autumn but not Halloween crafts and ideas

by Kas Winters

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Over 500 family (not frightening) ideas for Halloween

by Kas Winters

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Simple Ideas for outdoors and cozy indoor activities and crafts for winter

by Kas Winters

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Valentine Activities for Families

by Kas Winters

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