The Drapery Workroom

Trade Secrets for Workroom Production


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The Drapery


Trade Secrets for Workroom Production



Joseph Marotta


Recommended for Designers, Architects and Drapery Production Specialists


104 pages, 7.5" x 9.25"  

Illustrated. Spot color.




ISBN#-13: 978-1-892225-15-3




Patterns and instructions for shades, cornices, valences and other window treatments  are  included.


Order your copy today!

Learn trade secrets for professional drapery production!

The Drapery Workroom

Learn to produce the best quality professional draperies following Joe's precise measurements, patterns, proportions, techniques and step-by-step instructions for production. His lifetime of work in drapery workrooms, including his own which had a fabulous reputation with designers, is all combined in this book to help you create professional looking draperies that give your work that extra special touch and added value.

78 illustrations and

50 photographs are

included to show you how to make draperies Joe's way.

See Joe's Difference!

A pattern for an ordinary jabot


A pattern for Joe's jabot, which has a more elegant and flowing appearance.



Learn how to achieve the results you want! Chapter 17 goes into the extra effort, including testing to see if the final product hangs and drapes gracefully, if the proportions look right, and if fringes and trims match up on the bottoms of jabots and swags.


About the Author


Joseph Marotta

Joseph Marotta was first exposed to the draping of windows almost 56 years ago. Shortly after World War II, he was hired as an apprentice upholsterer with a firm owned by two brothers who specialized in embroidery, custom upholstered furniture, draperies, and bedspreads. Gradually he expanded from upholstery to learning about fabrics, draperies, design and custom installations through hands-on experience.    

Armed with knowledge, Marotta purchased and operated his own drapery workroom, where he insisted on using only the best rods, supplies and materials. He was fully committed to producing the best quality draperies. Joseph Marotta gained the reputation of having the “most expensive workroom in Cleveland.” That gave him a sense of pride because he earned this reputation by providing his clients and decorators with the best in workmanship, quality, linings, supplies, and -- last but not least -- Service!!

The motivation for this book came when Marotta saw a photograph featuring the Oval Office, which showed a drapery treatment at the White House. He said, “I could not believe my eyes when I saw what I considered poor design and poor workmanship. The folds in the swags were in disarray and the cascade was not in proper proportion to the height of the window. Why was this kind of sloppy workmanship allowed in a treasured room of this nation? Is the know-how totally lost?” After looking at that photo, Marotta made a decision to help drapery workrooms by passing on some of the methods he had used successfully for years, in the fabrication of draperies and drapery treatments. The information, which includes patterns, directions, techniques and measurements for proportions are included in this book, The Drapery Workroom.


Table of Contents

 1. French Festoons

 2. French Festoons  

     with Center Open

 3. Irregular Festoons

 4. Cascades (Jabots)

 5. Striped Fabric -


 6. Sun Burst

 7. Colonial Transoms

 8. Narrow Festoons

 9. Empire Swags

10. Narrow

      Austrian Shades

11. Pelmets

12. Valances

13. Cornices

14. Balloon Shades -


15. Pleated Balloon


16. Roman Shades

17. Extra Effort

18. Bed Spreads

19. The Drapery



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