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August 1st


Choose a traditional sport such as baseball, basketball or soccer or spend time making up games of your own such as bowling with empty plastic bottles for bowling pins and a rubber ball to knock them down. Make your own tossing game with a basket and wads of paper. Have races. Take a walk or hike and look for interesting things. Go swimming. Get active and celebrate the kind of sports that support healthy fun. (Spectator sports can be used to celebrate too, but we encourage the do-it-yourself types of family sports fun.)

Watermelon Day

August 3rd


Find a good watermelon and enjoy it together! Spit the seeds and have a contest to see who can spit them the farthest. Use a melon ball scoop to make melon balls for a fruit salad. Cut a watermelon in half and carve designs through the rind to make a decorated watermelon bowl for your salad. Dry some seeds to plant for next year.

Friendship Day

August 2nd


Spend time with a friend or two. Send a card to a friend you haven't seen in a while or call one and spend time talking. Set up a time to meet a friend for dinner or dessert and celebrate friendship day. Set up a play day with a friend or friends.

National Wiggle Your Toes Day

August 6th


Wiggle your toes. Wiggle them in sand or mud. Stand on your tip toes and dance. Play "This little piggy went to market". Soak your feet in water and wiggle them to make little splashes or spray them with cool water from a misting bottle. Pamper your toes with a pedicure or paint your toenails, just for fun. Wear flip-flops or go barefoot and let your toes wiggle!


Sea Serpent Day & Lighthouse Day

August 7th, 2014


Read stories about sea serpents. Draw pictures of what you think such a creature might look like. Play in the pool or bathtub and pretend that you are playing with a friendly sea serpent. Make a sea serpent using clay or sew a toy one using scrap fabric and a little cotton batting for stuffing. Make a sea serpent puppet using a paper plate and construction paper, and make up a story about it. Perform your sea serpent puppet play to celebrate this day.

National Dollar Day

August 8th


Make your own piggy bank to encourage you to save some dollars.  Make it using a plastic bottle or a box and be creative. Make a chore chart that includes ways for a child to do extra things for which he/she can be paid. Older kids can make a budget and plan to sped wisely and save also. It's a good day to open a savings account for a child who doesn't already have one. Play a board game that involves using play money. Practice making change. Count real money and use it as a learning experience. Fold a dollar to make origami art.

National S'mores Day

August 10th


Grab some marshmallows and start toasting! If you can have a campfire, it's great fun. You can also toast them over charcoal, an outdoor grill, a stove indoors or even melt them in a microwave (You have to spread the melted marshmallows on the graham cracker). To finish the s'more, sandwich a toasted marshmallow between two pieces of graham cracker with a piece of a chocolate bar placed next to the marshmallow. Yum! (Be careful with children and anything hot, especially be careful with marshmallows because they are sticky and a hot one can stick to skin and burn badly.)

Play in the Sand Day

August 11th


Play in a sandbox or in sand on the beach. Make castles and other sand sculptures. Make roads and drive toy cars on the roads. Pour water onto sand and make rivers. Play with silly sand toys. Color salt and make a "sand" painting by gluing colored salt on poster board or any surface. Watch a minute egg timer with sand running through it.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Peak August 12-13, 2015


The Perseid meteor shower is visible for almost a week in August (depending on the cloud cover in your area). The 12th is usually the best night for viewing. The shower occurs in the northeast area of the sky and are best viewed between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., although we have seen as many as 16 of them by watching in the evening, after dark. Find a place were it is reasonably dark and there isn't too much light pollution and you can see the stars. Get comfortable so that you can look up for a long period of time. Oooohhh and Ahhhhhhh together when you see a "shooting star" and keep track of how many you see.

Roller Coaster Day

August 16th


If you can, find a way to ride a roller coaster! Little kids can take empty boxes and create an imaginary roller coaster. You can also look at pictures of coasters and imagine! Some kids are fascinated by the "how they work" details and might want to read or even study about roller coasters.  (My son's high school physics class took a trip to California for two days just to ride coasters and pay attention to the physics involved.) You can also use a building set to create a min-roller coaster of your own. (Erector sets, K-nex, Legos, Tinkertoys and other building sets all are capable of making coasters.)  Kids can also use craft sticks and other materials to make roller coaster models.

Archaeology Day

August 17th


Bury stuff in mud. Let it dry and then dig it up! It's more fun if a parent buries things so that each find is a real discovery for the child. You can wash and dry chicken bones  or break up small clay pots and bury those. There are a few places in the country where they offer real archaeological experiences for children, which can be really exciting. You can make your own "fossils" by pouring plaster of Paris into lightly greased containers and letting it dry. When the shapes are dry, scratch shapes, letters or drawings into the dried plaster. You can also cover the shape with a dark color of paint and scratch the letters or art out of the dark part to expose the white plaster which in underneath. Of course, you can bury these treasures and dig them up again.

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Bad Poetry Day

August 18th


Use this as a way to get kids writing. It's "bad" poetry day--so they aren't being graded on how well they do or how perfect it is! That can be fun and creative. It's also a good time to play rhyming games and to make up silly poems that rhyme.

National Aviation Day

August 19th

Visit an airport and watch the planes or just drive and park close to one and watch planes arrive and take off.  If there's an air show around those are always fun, but that would probably be on a different day. Make model airplanes. Fly paper airplanes. Read about planes or look up information about them on the Internet. Watch a movie about flying, space or rockets. Let your mind take flight.

Be an Angel Day

August 22nd


What a perfect day to teach children to reach out and help others. Find a friend in need and do something together. It might be just making a phone call to say hello, stopping by with some food or flowers, scheduling a "work day" to help someone with yard work, offering to babysit for a child or children so a mom can have a break, going grocery shopping for someone who has limited mobility, or just inviting someone to have dinner with you and your family. Get the kids involved in whatever it is. You can also schedule yourselves to help feed the hungry at a shelter in town, to work at a local foodbank or other type of outreach. Kids who learn to reach out to others will usually continue to provide service throughout their lifetimes.

Women's Equality Day

August 26th

Use this as an opportune time to have a discussion with a daughter about important things like setting goals, setting boundaries, being her own person and standing up for herself. Discuss instances in your own life where you have done these things and how it made a positive difference to you.

Dream Day


Sometimes you just need to relax and do nothing and let your imagination kick into gear. This is a great day for that! Get comfy. Day dreaming is permitted. Think of possibilities. Play the "what if" game. What would happen if.......? Just do it for fun and then watch how it can jumpstart your thinking as it applies to everyday life. Oooohhhhh! What fun you can have!











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