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Meaningful and Simple Ways to Celebrate the Season, Keep Christ in Christmas, Teach Children, and Bring Families Together with Joy!


Nativity Activities


Written, Illustrated and Photographed by

Kas Winters

The Mother of Family Ideas™



160 pages of Holiday Family Fun



8.5" x 11", Perfect Bound

Black and White pages with Full Color Cover


Usually shipped within 48 hours


$20.00 for printed book





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Have a Birthday Party for Jesus


Make paper snowflakes


Have fun with stockings


Create appetizing cookies
Learn about Christmas Traditions
Make easy decorations
Read Christmas Stories

Decorate the Tree

Make a Finger Puppet

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FIND FREE and inexpensive ways to celebrate the holiday

FIND CRAFTS, recipes, and projects for all ages and skill levels

FIND WAYS to develop children's imaginations, self-image, and a lifelong attitude of making a difference to others

FIND IDEAS for spending delightful family time together

FIND proven methods to change your family's focus to giving instead of gimme



FAMILY PREPARATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS:  Advent, Countdown calendars, and December celebrations

CELEBRATE NATIVITY: find ways to make Jesus the center of your celebration

CHRISTMAS STORIES:  read together and share stories

CHRISTMAS PROJECTS: try these easy ideas for children

ACTS OF KINDNESS:  encourage giving to others

PLAYING NATIVITY: Role play and re-enact to learn the story of the birth of the Savior


NATIVITY AND CHRISTMAS PUPPETS: Directions for creating eleven different types of puppets

CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS: ideas and ways to make more than 60 different types of ornaments

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Discover easy ways to make your home look festive

CELEBRATE FAMLY: Share family stories, traditions, milestones, and adventures


DECORATIONS CHILDREN CAN MAKE: Try some of these crafts for children--young and old

THE CHRISTMAS TREE: Family tree decorating

CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS: Stories, traditions, possibilities

CHRISTMAS MUSIC: Listen, enjoy, participate

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS: Appreciate the light

GINGERBREAD HOUSES: Find simple ways to make them


MAKE AND SHARE: Six dessert recipes and two for main dishes

GIFTS AND GIVING: Choices about giving and easy gifts you can make

GIFTS CHILDREN CAN MAKE: Directions for nine gifts

GREETINGS: Ideas for cards and other greetings

CHRISTMAS EVE ACTIVITIES: Suggestions for a birthday party for Jesus, letting children play Santa, Legends and Family Traditions, and Christmas Dinner

GIFTGIVING FUN: Learn how to make even little gifts seem special and build happy anticipation

LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Ideas for nine different ways to make receiving gifts so much fun, it doesn't matter what the gift is, they will like it and remember it with a smile

FAMILY SILLINESS AND OPENING GIFTS: More ways to have fun for pennies that pay off in laughter and happy memories

GIFT IDEAS: 50 inexpensive gift possibilities with proven track records for success

WINTER FAMILY FUN: Celebrate together

RESOURCES: Use our patterns, directions, instructions, games, ideas, and how-to information to make your family holiday terrific


From the author

Kas Winters

"Mother of Family Ideas"

For most of my life, I’ve had a reputation for being an “over-the-top crazy Christmas celebrator.” It’s true. I love everything about the season. We have more than 1000 ornamentsmostly handmade, family treasures, gifts from special people, and souvenirs from places we’ve enjoyed. Our indoor decorations turn our home into a fairyland of sorts. The month of December is a continuous celebration. Our family time together is pure delight!

Over the years, I’ve watched the commercialization of the Birthday of Jesus change it from a time of love, gratitude, and joyto one of greed, anger, frustration, and unmet expectations. Many children get caught in the one-upmanship game of trying to match what their friends receive. Parents’ schedules run them ragged. Often people get to the “big day” and can’t wait to take the tree down and be done with it. Where did the joy go?

My earliest memories of Christmas include a grandmother who told us, “Getting a fresh orange in my stocking for Christmas was one of my best gifts ever.” My other grandmother was busy making Italian cookies, much to our delight. We lived in a small town where decorations were made and passed down by families, and events were held in homes and churches; not at a mall. We attended school holiday presentations, which (even in public schools) included songs about the birth of Jesus. People actually walked around neighborhoods and sang carols (often receiving a treat of hot chocolate on snowy nights). Children looked forward to a chance to get a popcorn ball and candy cane from the Eagle Club’s Santa Claus at their annual family party.

The time spent preparing for Christmas was a collaborative effort including all family members. It brought us together in a spirit of cooperation. I’m the oldest of five children and remember the excitement each time we added a new baby stocking to those hanging from the mantle on Christmas Eve.

Santa was popular, but gifts were not the main event. Just about everyone went to church with praise and gratitude and then joined with extended family members for special dinners. The emphasis was on being together. It was happy and peaceful.

The first Christmas after I was on my own and married we had very little money, but I managed to use materials on hand and create gifts for more than twenty family members. I spent less than $1.00 by making use of those basic supplies. Among the recipients were my three step-kids, who fondly remember those gifts more than 35 years later. Our grand time didn’t break the bank.

When I see toy stores promoting machine gun toys for boys and sexy toys for preschool girls, I find myself saddened. So, instead of being at a loss for words, I decided to write words of my own and share our happy Christmas ideas with readers.

We used the activities in this book to teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, of family, and of genuine fun. They knew from day one that they would not be getting gifts to compare with those of their friends. A “big” gift was not very expensive, but there were many special treasures under the tree. We celebrated together, reached out to others, and made holiday preparations. Our family has many fabulous Christmas memories that are not about “things.”

Maybe it’s time to take a different look at the ways we celebrate the Birthday of our Savior, and let what we do revolve around His love for us and our love for one another.

May the true blessings of Christmas be yours,


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